VRS® Rug Display Systems

VRS® Rug Display Systems



VRS® Display Systems – Our patented VRS® rug system is available direct from the factory. It is simple to assemble with no need for an installation crew. The VRS® Display System helps you maximize your rug retailing potential with:

Freestanding Pivot System: The patented pivot system allows more viewing angles. Other brands use space-consuming structures that can only be shopped from the front. The VRS® can be shopped from three sides and can pivot to tuck arms away from the aisle. The bases can be separated to fit in tight spaces. In addition, the rug is displayed closer to the ground than other brands. A rug that is positioned closer to the buyer’s eye level helps sell rugs!

Flexible Rug Size: The VRS® design lets the retailer mix and match rug sizes. With no bulky perimeter frame in the way, slightly larger rugs can exceed the width of the frame by allowing the rug hang out the back.

Hang and Release Rugs with Ease: Rugs are hung in minutes using E2’s exclusive “S” Cradles. The cradles hold the weight of the rug when the rug is inserted into the clips. Rugs can be taken down in seconds using the Release Tool. By holding the tool in between the clip claw and the rug, the paddle protects the rug while it comes down. The S-Cradles and Release Tool are included with every rack package using machine-made installed clips. E2 recommends Chad Clips for handmade and rugs with delicate backs.

Split-Frame Design: The VRS® split-frame design allows merchants to raise the frame 12 inches by utilizing the Height Extension Kit. The split-frame design also creates a compact shipping pallet.

Best Viewing Angle and Safe Handling: Racks can be positioned in what we call a “Gallery Style” placement. Shoppers view up to four or more rugs at once, from three sides, instead of fanning a book then returning back and forth for comparison. Shoppers flip through the collection by grabbing the frame and not the rug. With safety in mind, the pivot system was designed so that the weight of the rug is carried on the floor.

To order VRS® Display Systems call Toll-Free 888-421-9200, or type in your request and specifications here.