Custom Displays & Fixtures

Custom Displays & Fixtures


Our custom manufacturing services division provides permanent point-of-purchase (POP) displays and fixtures for retail environments. These displays and fixtures are tailor-made to meet cost, size, assembly, product message and rollout objectives. We thrive on solving difficult challenges – including awkward-shaped or heavy products. We have the experience, ingenuity and tools to create compelling merchandising solutions that will pass the most stringent safety controls, while staying on time and on budget.

Freestanding Displays

At E2 we design a wide range of freestanding visual merchandising displays to engage the consumer. No matter what the product – from bedding to flooring, or siding to generators – we deliver compelling solutions for even the longest and heaviest objects. These freestanding displays are engineered to ensure optimal visibility and to meet stringent safety considerations. Our ingenuity will ensure that the display is not only designed for successful retailing, but can be easily shipped and quickly installed to exceed message and rollout objectives.


When retailers need assistance with product rollouts, they turn to E2. Our permanent mount fixtures are built to showcase complicated products. We are UL Certified to create light box displays, such as those used for window treatments. No matter what the product, we will design a merchandising solution that is heavily engineered for safety, shipping and easy installation. At E2 we understand that our clients are invested in these displays, and that is why our key personnel are available 24/7 to assist in executing the project. To prepare for a retail rollout, our team will design a prototype and facilitate buyer focus analysis and in-store testing, ensuring that the client is prepared for a successful product launch.

Small Merchandisers

We create eye catching small merchandisers – including shelf talkers, dividers, hanging signage, tag channels and interactive kiosks – for all types of retail establishments. These are designed to engage shoppers while increasing sales and brand identity. At E2 our small merchandisers are engineered with ingenuity, and will adhere to even the most awkward shaped displays and shelving.