Founded in 1973 as Kin Products, Inc. by Henry Kin, the company began by specializing in arts-and-crafts products. Injection molding and plastic vacuum forming were the primary processes in those early days.

By 1985, the company was well-established in plastics, wood, tubing, metal fabrication, and powder coating. With early success came more expansion, and in 1986 the company dedicated the majority of its resources and focus on merchandising displays and fixtures.

Ushering in our 30th year in 2003, we celebrated massive growth with the introduction of our award-winning visual merchandising solution for rugs. The company began working with The Home Depot as exclusive supplier of their rug system, and to meet popular demand we patented our VRS® Rug Merchandising System. 

2004 took off with the success of the patented VRS® Rug System and the additional modified-stock program. Small rug retailers were now able to buy direct, creating another company expansion into innovative processes like robotics.

Renamed E2 Merchandising, Inc. in 2010, the company consolidated its government and original product manufacturing division to form the Custom Manufacturing Services (CMS) division, dedicating more resources to its custom display division. The updated focus and growth opportunities expanded to several new market segments.

Today, the philosophy to “create by problem solving, build with value, and manage with service” still prevails through a 2nd generation of family leadership and the start of our fourth decade in business. We continue to be committed to creative design and quality craftsmanship, providing innovative solutions for visual merchandising.